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Hurray! Finally I am back in action. I can’t tell you how good it feels to be back.

Let me start by saying – HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Last 3 weeks have been a nightmare for me. As you all must have noticed, my blog crashed and we pulled it down into maintenance mode.  There were numerous interconnected issues and all attempts to fix were vain.

After lot of deliberation, I decided to take control of the website design too and started from scratch.  So, welcome to my new and upgraded website J

As a result, every post had to be re-posted and many URL’s have changed. All the previous recipes you are still here but with new URL’s.  My biggest disappointment is that all the beautiful and encouraging comments you all posted are gone.

It has been few rough weeks for me, I have cried many times but my passion for this site and your support and encouragement have kept me going on. Before I go ahead with today’s recipe I want to thank my DH who has been a pillar of support and encouragement for me and my dearest friend and fellow blogger Kankana; who kept on encouraging me and pushing me through this!

Thank you both and God bless!!



Last but not the least a big THANK YOU to all of you have supported me, sent me emails and encouraged me… Thank you! This wouldn’t have been possible without you.


Getting back to todays recipe, today I am sharing with you a very easy and very beloved recipe of mine – “Pea Pilaf”. One thing I can tell you right now that this is the easiest recipe for Pea Pilaf you will ever find.

My mom used to make this almost every weekend; there is nothing fancy about this but God this taste divine.

Make it as a main dish or as a side; it will always be a hit. A complete comfort in its own way this is the dish that will make you relax no matter how much things around you are upside down.

Pea Pilaf

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 30 minutes

Total Time: 45 minutes


  • 1 ½ cups rice; washed and drained
  • 1 ½ cups frozen peas; thawed.
  • 1 1inch ginger piece; julienne
  • 1 jalapeno; halved lengthwise and deseeded if needed.
  • 1 teaspoon, cumin seeds
  • 1 2inch, cinnamon stick
  • 1 bay leaf.
  • 2-3 tablespoons, oil.
  • 1 ½ teaspoons, salt or as per taste.
  • 4 cups water.


  1. Heat the oil in a large saucepan over medium-high heat. Once the oil starts to shimmer add the cumin seeds along with bay leaf and cinnamon stick and fry for about 20-30 seconds or just until the cumin starts to get brown and the spices start getting fragrant.
  2. Now add the jalapeno, ginger and fry for another minute or two. Add the peas and salt and stir-fry for 2-3minutes.
  3. Finally add the rice and stir-fry everything for another 2-3 minutes. Now add the water and bring to a roaring boil; cover the pot with a tight lid and reduce the heat to lowest.
  4. Let it cook for 20-22 minutes and then remove the saucepan from the heat. Let the saucepan sit with lid on for 5 minutes.
  5. Open the lid, with fork fluff the rice. If you see all the peas have come to surface of the rice then with fork gently give the pilaf a mix.
  6. Serve hot along with some yogurt, pickles or lime wedges.

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  • Bee, Rasa Malaysia January 19, 2013, 8:08 am

    Congrats Reem! I am so happy your blog is back up. I used to have Thesis on my blog for many years. It’s a great theme. Good job! :)

    • Reem January 19, 2013, 9:12 am

      Thanks!!! And big thank you for all guidance n help always…

  • Rosa January 19, 2013, 9:43 am

    Scrumptious! I love pilafs.



  • dishesfrommykitchen January 19, 2013, 2:04 pm

    Beautiful Picture Reem… This is absolutely simple and my fav pilaf. Can have this anytime with spicy curry…Pictures are so good and happy to see u back.

  • Laura (Tutti Dolci) January 19, 2013, 4:32 pm

    Nice to see you back! What a frustrating ordeal, but the site is looking gorgeous :). What a scrumptious pilaf!

    • Reem January 19, 2013, 5:14 pm

      Thanks Luara…
      Trust me I lived a nightmare!

  • nash at Plateful January 19, 2013, 4:55 pm

    Love the new looks of your site Reem, congrats on making it happen! And hey you’ve captured this simple pilaf to awesomeness :)

  • Liz January 19, 2013, 8:41 pm

    I am SO glad you are back! Boy, what a stressful time for you…but just look at your gorgeous blog! Thanks for the pea pilaf recipe…we love, love rice dishes so this is a must try :)

    • Reem January 20, 2013, 12:14 am

      Thank you soo much

  • Marissa | Pinch and Swirl January 19, 2013, 11:38 pm

    The site looks fabulous as does the pilaf! Your hard work (and tears) paid off. :) Congrats!

    • Reem January 20, 2013, 12:14 am

      @ Marissa,
      Thanks Dear!

  • Charul @ Tadka Masala January 20, 2013, 5:13 pm

    Congrats Reem! So sorry for you could not recover the comments.
    Lovely pics and such a simple recipe.

    • Reem January 20, 2013, 7:35 pm

      Thanks dear.

  • yummychunklet January 20, 2013, 7:31 pm

    Welcome back and happy new year! The good thing about your re-done blog is that now I get your updates in my Google Reader!

    • Reem January 20, 2013, 7:34 pm

      Thanks my friend!

  • Nami | Just One Cookbook January 21, 2013, 8:29 am

    So happy that your blog is back! All the bloggers know how crazy we will be when the site is even down for a minute, and what you went through is just simply horrific. But now you came back with a beautiful site. Great job! Your pea pilaf pictures are gorgeous!

  • Lail | With A Spin January 21, 2013, 9:35 am

    Happy New Year and so sorry to hear what happened with your blog.

    I am new to the blogsphere and so glad to have found your blog. Love pea pilaf and the simplicity of this dish.

  • wok with ray January 21, 2013, 3:55 pm

    That is a great news that your site being up again. You also did the right thing by taking control of the site and the design. Alway, backup your site for easier restoration. Happy New Year to you too, Reem and may the new year brings more success to you. God bless! :)

  • Kitchen Belleicious January 22, 2013, 12:55 pm

    oh reem! yeah you finally got it up and working again and it is just as beautiful as ever if not better! I love the new look and I love this dish. So glad to see from you again! Hope you are doing well!

  • Sandra's Easy Cooking January 23, 2013, 10:44 pm

    I am really sorry that your site went down, and I know how frustrated you have been with all that. Hopefully new website will work for many many years to come…by the way I like it very much!
    Your peas pilaf look delicious and mouthwatering!

  • Ira Rodrigues January 24, 2013, 1:19 am

    I can imagine how was your feeling and after reading this post, me sudden feeling happy for you.
    Well, im first time here and now busy browsing your recipes :)
    Have a nice day Reem!

  • CCU January 25, 2013, 6:51 am

    I simply love your beautiful new website my friend as well as this lovely recipe :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  • Yasmeen @ Wandering Spice January 29, 2013, 11:12 am

    What a beautiful new site! Glad to see you back. I just migrated my blog to WP and there were/are many formatting woes to go along with it, so on a smaller scale, I understand! After 7 weeks of being totally offline it felt amazing to be back too :)

    Beautiful pilaf – so versatile, I can see us serving this with any number of the meat and veg dishes we make.

  • Notyet100 January 29, 2013, 3:17 pm

    This one is my fav too,..:)

  • Alice @ Hip Foodie Mom January 30, 2013, 5:34 am

    oh my goodness. I love your photography. your photos are beautiful . . and love the recipes too. . I will be frequenting your lovely, gorgeous blog often!

  • sonia monagheddu February 17, 2013, 11:59 am

    Hi, I’m Sonia, italian food blogger sorry for my bad english, I want tell you that I have included the link of this recipe (which I liked very much) in the section on my blog dedicated to “10 ways to make” (“10 Modi di Fare”) pilaf.
    The post is ‘Riso pilaf’ I hope not to bother you, have a nice day.

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