Paneer Stuffed Flatbread


There is a rhythm we bloggers are supposed to follow… we need to cook regularly, shoot regularly and post regularly. There is no rocket science here, if we do this we will eventually make a place in this gigantic blogosphere for ourselves. Now let’s talk about me, I cook… everyday! At least 2-3 times per day, I shoot pretty regularly and then comes the bump… I post not so regularly. Why because I get the “Me Syndrome”; I get too critic with my own work, I try too hard not to scrutinize my work, not to get too harsh on myself and not to think too much whether to post or not. And most of the time I end up not posting! I know I need to stop doing this but it is something that keep on happening and I hate it.
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Potato and Chicken Stew


Finally! Finally I am sitting with my laptop, logged into my blog and writing a post. You have no idea how I have missed this! How much I have missed typing on my almost dying keyboard; how much I have missed talking to you all; how much I have missed cleaning the zillion spams I got over last 2 months. Trust me I have really missed being away. I Have Missed You All So Much! And I Cannot Tell How Happy I Am To Be Back!
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Hot Beans


OK seriously I am tired and I need to sleep more. Yes more because I have been sleeping almost the whole of this weekend. I did woke up in intervals to let my family know that I am still alive and can hear them screaming but I have decided to ignore them. I did woke up to wish my dad and my kids’ dad a happy Father’s Day! And I did reminded my kids to make their dad a card. OK I am ashamed that I did not buy any gift for the dad of the house aka my darling husband, “Honey you know kids love you and you can totally blame it on me!
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I need a white home… a spotless white home. White walls, white marble floors, white doors n windows panes, white couches, white sheets… everything white! Yes I really need everything around me to be white! But there is hardly anything around me that is white anymore or can stay spotlessly beautiful white for more than 2 minutes. Hello and welcome to the world of a mom of two little boys who doesn’t believe in color white.
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