I need a white home… a spotless white home. White walls, white marble floors, white doors n windows panes, white couches, white sheets… everything white! Yes I really need everything around me to be white! But there is hardly anything around me that is white anymore or can stay spotlessly beautiful white for more than 2 minutes. Hello and welcome to the world of a mom of two little boys who doesn’t believe in color white.
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Killer Wings


I don’t like waking up in the middle of the night! Never! Not for any reason!

Yes I am the one who can be seen going to bed in the middle of the night but waking up at 2.30 am… Hell No! But this is exactly what is happening to me for past few days, I have no idea about what time zone my body clock has got screwed up with but I am up at 2.30 am! And it sucks! And it makes me use exclamation marks after every sentence like this!

Well I have tried everything, going to bed little late, not having a heavy dinner (screw you!! who ever came up with this idea, not only I woke up in the middle of the night but I also ate the dinner that you deprived me of before going to bed!), [click to continue…]

Just A Thought


I fail to understand how we humans are different from each other? I agree that we look different, speak different languages, have different beliefs, comes from different background even have different values but we all are humans. Everyday I see people choosing people based on familiarities. It is like feeling secure in your own cocoon but is there really a cocoon. As long as we are humans what is so different, we breath the same way, we hurt the same way, falling in love is same for all of us, heartbreak cause the pain in the same place in every chest. Then Why?
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Breakfast is a must; A must that scares me… I get breakfast anxiety, trust me I can eat stew at breakfast but the idea of starting my day healthy, fresh and fast and yes delicious is what gets my nerves acting crazy. There are days I spend quite some time preparing my French toast, such days are pure bliss and my gigantically growing thighs are least of my concern. But the truth is such days are not a regular feature and in the morning when I cannot get in most of my favorite dresses something healthy is what I need. Tasty, Healthy and fast; this muesli is a perfect way to start your day.
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