Lentils and Cumin Rice


So I am hoping all you lovelies are officially done with the holiday season by now, those overloaded cookies jars have been kept away and the fridge is stocked with healthy options! Trust me I have done all this and I am so not yet ready to let go of the holidays. I am missing the lazy mornings loaded with pancakes and those hot chocolaty kinds of evenings and the holiday movies. Yes I see Holiday Movies!
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Beef and Beet Stew


For us the people living in this part of the country, we hardly get a chance to brag about the cold and freezing weather. Even though it can get cold but honestly we are no way near to you guys living on the other end and always posting those beautiful white backyard pictures… Jealous!
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Crispy Potatoes Cajun Style

Crispy Potatoes

See here is the thing about holidays; Holidays totally have the permit to drive you insane, bring out all the possible anxiety attack that you have been so proudly controlling and make you keep smiling even when all you want to do is to shout out loud! But even with all this holiday season is the best season of the year and it totally gives you the permit to stuff yourself with as much as you like kind of sugar and carbohydrate madness. Ok seriously if you want you can totally make that grin face and ignore my thoughts but trust me if you want to sail through this season smiling and not crashing every few minutes you need to rethink! (P.S Please Ignore all I said if you have any dietary restriction!)
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Potato and Spinach Puffs


If you ask me what I see around me I am telling you you’ll regret asking it! All I see around me is tons and tons of madness in every zone. From kitchen to the laundry room you name it. See the problem is that, that I am still not able to understand why and how my house turns upside down even if I am just away for mere 2 days. And to add to this madness is this holiday week. As if I don’t have enough to do already! Sometime I just wish I had some fairy wand…
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