Asian Style Chicken Bowl

Asian-Style-Chciken-Bowl-3 So from past two days I have been telling myself to fold the laundry that has been adorning the corner of our bedroom. That corner belongs to me, that’s where I sit and read, chat, text, browse internet; that’s my zone, literally. And it has been invaded by the washed but unfolded absolutely raw untouched laundry. Just because I do most of the stuff doesn’t mean I have to do this. Have I ever mentioned here about how much I hate doing laundry? I hate laundry, to be honest I don’t understand the whole laundry science. I mean what it is meant for! Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t pay attention it’s that the whole equation of whites and colored and delicate and perm press just puts me off even before I can put my head around it. Well why I am telling you this? Because first you are my friend with whom I can share my thoughts and secondly I need to vent!!
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Breakfast Bagels


Come on everyone lets make some good, delicious and pretty breakfast bagels. These babies don’t take much time to make, taste absolutely delicious and you can add anything in your omelet so really you don’t have to stick with recipe here too.  And yeah don’t worry if it is evening an you are actually trying to figure out what to make for dinner, make these add some meat or more veggies, stack these baby as tall as you want. You will be happy!!
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Stir Fried Fishcakes


Lets see it’s 4.26 am to be exact, my alarm still has almost 3 ½ hours left before it will go off and it’s a long weekend and technically I should be sleeping right now! Technically!!

But in reality I am wide awake, I have already brushed my teeth because I could not control my desire to open the fridge and eat the last slice of cake that I promised my husband to share with along our morning coffee. Somehow people don’t update their FB and twitter a/c in the middle of the night so I am in serious shortage of any form of gossip. And I have already kissed my boys way too many time, ruining their deep sleep too.

Now I was technically supposed to write this post breakfast, but as you see I don’t have much to do so I am here on my lap top in the middle of the night writing a post for you all!! You are so very welcome!
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Spring Onion & Tomato Fritters

Spring-Onion-&-Tomato-FrittersLife is all about trying something new, something different. Learning with trails and errors, testing our limits, reaching for the unknowns while still embracing the old and trusted. It is lot of fun trust me and it does keep your adrenaline up and high!

So few days ago I decide to shoot this recipe for Spring Onion & Tomato Fritters with my Iphone; Phone photography has reached new highs! It was lot of fun shooting this post, to be honest it was so easy and carefree shoot! I must say I was pretty impressed with the outcome, let me know if you like it?

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