Breakfast is a must; A must that scares me… I get breakfast anxiety, trust me I can eat stew at breakfast but the idea of starting my day healthy, fresh and fast and yes delicious is what gets my nerves acting crazy. There are days I spend quite some time preparing my French toast, such days are pure bliss and my gigantically growing thighs are least of my concern. But the truth is such days are not a regular feature and in the morning when I cannot get in most of my favorite dresses something healthy is what I need. Tasty, Healthy and fast; this muesli is a perfect way to start your day.
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Dirty Ramen


Ok so I have to tell you all a lot!   About so many awesome people I meet, people that make my day brighter, teach me a thing or two about life. People that makes this world a beautiful place with their presence! So go ahead grab a cup of coffee or the green smoothie or what the heck just pour a shot of tequila! Ready, shall we start?
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Sweet and Spicy Kidney Beans

Sweet-and-Spicy-Kidney-Beans-5 (2)

This happened all because I fell in love! Period!!

It was never my intention to leave the fast pace life of glitz and glamor, I have spent way too many years of my 20’s chasing the glitter and glory. I never remembered my nail paint chipped or my eyebrows with absolutely no boundaries of definition. But it happened! How I don’t know? Love has been good to me rather too good! Well may be it’s me; it has to be me. May be I decided to leave myself behind while I was taking care of everything around me. May be I am too much loved that I stopped noticing my little flaws. May Be!
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Fried Egg Tacos


Poker nights are always fun; unwinding the day around the cards and chips and friends is how life should be! The nights are filled with laughter and gossips; secrets are spilled, promises are made. And then there are those little confessions, that reminds every one of the trust and loyalty we share, the tears  that doesn’t need to be held back and the laughter’s that doesn’t have to be subtle. Yes the girl’s poker night is a therapy every women need even if there is hardly any game played!
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