No Fuss Meat Sauce


In December you need to stop counting calories; I mean it! No matter how hard you try you will never stay in the angelic range of calorie consumption. So let it go and stop being guilty and start getting overloaded with those luscious calories…  Those creamy fudges, to die for eggnogs, rich cakes and cheesy and meaty cassoroles… Yes have it all as if there is no tmrw and when the new year is finally here, take out the resolutions list you wrote while overloading yourself and follow it!!
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Simple Chickpea Curry


It has been pouring here from last 2 weeks… everything is wet and soggy. It seems like Mr. Sun is super upset and grumpy, have not been coming out lately… I am too in my super non-cheerful and super lazy mode, pretty much hiding in my cocoon all day. Well I don’t know how long this will last but both I and Mr. Sun have to pull up our games and stop being lazy and grumpy!
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Fire & Smoke Eggplants


It has been a month since we moved and still there are unpacked boxes around me. We have been trying to get it all done but honestly I have no idea why still everything seems so undone.

Kids are getting use-to to their new school, making new friends and wanting me to arrange playdates. Darling husband busy in his work and as usual back to his normal routine. Me; well I am a totally another story. Trying to rebuild my roots in the new city, trying to remember all the cross-sections and lane. Trying to smile at our new produce guy; for whom I am just a new customer rather a weird on who talk too much. Trying to decorate our new nest which still look pretty raw. Trying to make new friend but badly missing the ones who are now so far from me. Yes I am still TRYING! Life is about trying. Right!!
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Paneer Stuffed Flatbread


There is a rhythm we bloggers are supposed to follow… we need to cook regularly, shoot regularly and post regularly. There is no rocket science here, if we do this we will eventually make a place in this gigantic blogosphere for ourselves. Now let’s talk about me, I cook… everyday! At least 2-3 times per day, I shoot pretty regularly and then comes the bump… I post not so regularly. Why because I get the “Me Syndrome”; I get too critic with my own work, I try too hard not to scrutinize my work, not to get too harsh on myself and not to think too much whether to post or not. And most of the time I end up not posting! I know I need to stop doing this but it is something that keep on happening and I hate it.
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