Onion Fritters


“Old Habits Die Hard”

We all know it is true; some habits just stay with us for our lives. We may hide them in the deepest darkest closets for sometime but they usually come back like a faithful friend.  Some of these habits bring us pride and honor; others can be shamelessly embarrassing and make us look wildly weird. No matter good or bad, they subconsciously keep on being a part of our lives.

Like most of living and breathing, I have my share of habits, some that I flaunt like a new dress of the runway and some that I always deny whenever anyone reminds me of them. To name a few -

I always start my day with a prayer…. Good Girl!!

I always forget to floss…. Yes I get panicky on every dentist appointment.

I never waste water… I am a conscious citizen…

I always forget to switch off the lights… Com’on I am scared of darkness…

I am the queen of procrastination… Bad Bad Bad..

I always end my day with something sweet. Good or Bad I don’t know but it does help me with sweet dreams…

I always make something crispy and fried whenever I need quick pleasure and warmth to cheer me up… Always…..

Making these onion fritters is a habit I adore, a habit I inherited from my parents and they from theirs I am sure. These fritters are little pieces of heaven that transport you to another world of happiness and satisfaction. Yes these are fried and fattening and everything that your diet guidelines prohibit but you don’t have to eat them everyday or even every week, make these once in a while and wallow yourself in its deliciousness… But let me warn you these are addictive.


These need to be eaten as soon as they come out of the angrily bubbling hot oil, crispy and golden. Slather them with ketchup or chutney or hot sauce, you choose your vice for this divine pleasure … And Slather it… And Enjoy. So here my friends I bring to you the recipe of the best Onion Fritters; a delicious and crispy goodness for you to devour.


So cherish all the good habits you have and tame the bad one’s. They are part of you and you are the one who decides their future….

Onion Fritters


  • Red onions - 2 large, thinly sliced.
  • Chickpea flour ( Besan ) - 3/4 cup.
  • Rice flour - 2 Tbsp.
  • Red chile powder - 1/2 tsp.
  • Cumin seeds - 1/2 tsp.
  • Turmeric - 1/4 tsp.
  • Cilantro - 2 Tbsp, finely chopped.
  • Salt - 1 1/4 tsp or as per taste.
  • Vegetable/Canola oil for frying the fritters.
  • Water - 1/2 cup - 1 cup as needed to bring the onion and flour mixture together.


  1. In a large bowl add the flours,chile powder, cumin seeds, turmeric and salt. Mix well.
  2. Now add the sliced onions and chopped cilantro, mix well along with the flour mixture. Make sure that onion get well covered with the flour and spice mixture. Now add water just enough to bring everything together, so that the flour mixture start to stick to onions and everything come together into a very thick sticky batter like consistency. I do this step slowly as we don't need anymore water than what is need to bring everything together. Mix well and keep aside.
  3. Heat the oil in a large non - stick or cast-iron skillet over medium high heat. With the help of a tablespoon start dropping the onion mixture into the hot oil, spoon by spoon. Make sure not to over crowd the skillet and do this step in batches if needed.
  4. Fry the onion fritters for a minute or 2 or until they turn golden brown in color. Keep stirring the fritters while frying them. Make sure not to over heat the oil as then the fritters will get brown faster and won't be fully cooked all the way through.
  5. Remove on a paper towel to absorb any excess oil, serve immediately. enjoy.

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