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I fail to understand how we humans are different from each other? I agree that we look different, speak different languages, have different beliefs, comes from different background even have different values but we all are humans. Everyday I see people choosing people based on familiarities. It is like feeling secure in your own cocoon but is there really a cocoon. As long as we are humans what is so different, we breath the same way, we hurt the same way, falling in love is same for all of us, heartbreak cause the pain in the same place in every chest. Then Why?

If a child cry how can your heart not melt? If a human bleed how can you not hurt. Everyday I try to find a place where I belong, a place that is not defined by color, caste, ethnicity, sex or status. A place where heart lives, laughter flourishes, pain is felt, a hand of love is always there.

Everyday I become a little more stranger to the people who are bounded by these beliefs, Everyday I become a little more human believing in my beliefs!

And when I get tired I come to my kitchen and cook and no matter with whom I share my meal with they always smile and enjoy like any other human will do!

Really Are We Different?

All Shots in this post are taken with cell phone camera and are repost from my instagram feed!

















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  • Raymund May 19, 2014, 7:32 pm

    For a cellphone camera I am really impressed!

  • mjskit May 20, 2014, 3:31 am

    Very nice photos and VERY nice thoughts!

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